Global Aadgaon (2022)

 "Global Aadgaon" is a Marathi language film that was released in 2022. Directed by Anil Kumar Salve, the movie has a run time of 122 minutes and is presented in color. The film is produced by Manoj Ravsaheb Kadam and stars Ronak Landge, Ashok Kangude, Siddhi Kale, Anil Rathod, and Mahendra Khillare. Anil Kumar Salve has also written the screenplay for the movie. The cinematography is handled by Girish R. Jambhalikar, while Shrikant Mukund Chaudhari is the editor. The sound design for the movie is done by Vikas Khandare, and the music is composed by Vijay Narayan Gavande. The production company behind the film is Silveroak Films & Entertainment.

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